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Although Cool Promotion is a new born baby, there is a huge experience behind all the services and products which are being provided. We are in collabration with one of the most powerful producers in this industry which let us to bring great advantages both for us and for our precious business partners. We strongly believe that there are 3 rules in business life, that has never changed.


Quality is not coincidence.

Cool Promotion has a chance to manage the costs with the highest quality at the same time without using digital printing machineries. Our business partner has more than 15 machineries at home which are known as leaders in their leagues. We are capable of nearly every kind of printing including Flexo, letter press, lamination, serigraphy , and offset printing machineries. We have also inspection machineries to avoid any mistakes.

Most hard things to earn!

We are aware that loyalty is one of the most hard things to earn in life and that’s why, we are always behind of the services and products that we provide. In this industry, we know very well that packages are always in a hurry to meet with their products, so it is deadly important to be on time. As you will see, we pay a huge attention for our products to catch the mentioned schedule.

Bring a huge advantage!

As mentioned before, Cool Promotion will be importing all the products and services to bring a huge advantage to our market. Our business partners will be having great advantage of having the low prices with the highest quality standards. Although every products and services of projects will be imported, our business partners face with no customs or transport costs which all will be held by Cool Promotion.

Being business partners means growing together. We are growing day by day with our existing valuable business partners and we are calling you to join our success story in the same book

We are happy that we are able to provide excelent quality products which are awarded many times by FINAT and other international organisations. In our industry, it is known that most of the companies are using digital printing machineries to manage the costs.

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Food & Beverage, Household Chemicals, Personal Care and Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Industrial Products, Promotion , Textile and many more.


Customer Services, Graphic & Design, Printing Services, Quick Delivery and Advanced Quality


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